The Butcher's Basics Pack


The Butcher’s Basics pack contains:

2 x Gammon Steaks

1.3kg x Chicken

6 x Sausages

6 x Chicken Thighs

500g x Mince

6 x Free Range Eggs

Please note, from time to time we may have to substitute parts of your order. We manage our stock well to avoid this happening, but if we are out of your chosen item we will replace it with another delicious product from our range!

We are sorry to say that there has been a case of COVID-19 at the shop.

As we are all in close contact with each other on a daily basis, we are all having to self-isolate for the next 10 days, and so Wallingford Butchers will be CLOSED until Tuesday 27th July.

This is a major blow for us, but, with your support, we hope to be back stronger than ever in a couple of weeks time.

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